What do I need first to produce a game?

Jack: So, you want to create a game?

GameDev Wannabe: Yes, I do! But how?

Jack: Well, you came to the right place. This blog is about game development?

GameDev Wannabe: Really? I didn’t find any posts about game development.

Jack: This is the first one.

GameDev Wannabe: ah.

Jack: Do you know, what you need first to produce a game?

GameDev Wannabe: Flash Pro?

Jack: No.

GameDev Wannabe: Coding experience? Motivation? A brain?

Jack: What you need first is an audience.

GameDev Wannabe: Plait-il?

Jack: When you create a game, you have to keep in mind that the goal is to share it with an audience. It is the same if you want to produce movies, art, music…

GameDev: Where can I find an audience?

Jack: The audience can be your friends, your peers, anyone around you.

GameDev: What if I have no friends?

Jack: Your audience can also be people online. There are several games portal with people who enjoy trying new games. Your audience can also be in the future. People will eventually find your game and play it. 

GameDev: So I don’t really NEED an audience to start making a game.

Jack: The point is not to look for the audience, but keep it in mind as you create a new game. You don’t create for yourself, but in order to share for others. If you simply create a game for the sake of creating, it will be difficult to finish it because you don’t have incentive to do it. You won’t have someone waiting to play it, and you won’t have any real rewards at the end. I think before starting a project, it’s good to think about the people who will experience your game.

GameDev: How do I do that?

Jack: A good place to look are game portals like Newgrounds or Kongregate. You should have a plan of putting your games there and get an audience. There are also game competitions like Ludum Dare in which your game will be tried and voted on by other competitors. Find a portal with a community you feel comfortable with, where you feel you will get a response.

GameDev: Got it.


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