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48h Game Jam

Ludum Dare 28 is this weekend, and I’m in for the challenge!

Ludum dare is a 48h game jam. Within one weekend, you have to produce a complete video game. You then get voted on various aspects like fun/art/mood/sound/theme…. ect. The people doing the jams actually vote, and ludum dare’s system is designed to encourage people to try other games. And it works! I got to play 100 games during the last jam (LD 26). When comes time to do the jam, you will get assigned a theme that your game must be based on.

The jam is online, but this time I will try to make it to one of the real world gatherings, so I can meet face 2 face other people doing the jam.

This blog post will be about how to do a 48h game jam. Basically, you have to produce the game in 48h.

* The Idea
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When philosophy and game making collide

After a long drought, I’ve been back at making games and released three in a row.


Divine Techno Run:

0h maze:

Interestingly, all 3 games have a concept in common, which is the idea of infinite world. Read the rest of this entry