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My Champion references

Now that i only have an iPad, I can no longer code! Until that changes, the only productive thing to do is to write stupid blog posts. Anyway, here are all the fun references used in my latest Ludum Dare game, My Champion!

#1: Shaolin Soccer
I’m a big fan of Stephen Chow, and the story of my champion is inspired by Shaolin Soccer, where Stephen Chow’s team get beaten up by the opponents. One of the gorilla is name is Stephen Chowfun, and the female kitten in coop mode is named Vicky, after Vicky Zhao.

#2: Olive et Tom
It’s a Japanese anime I used to watch in France. The main hero is named Oliver like in the cartoon. Also, the gorilla’s goalkeeper is dressed exactly like Tom, and it’s name is Thomas Prince! (Thomas Price) in the cartoon.

#3: Les Inconnus / Bernard Tapie
One of the sketches from Les Inconnus makes fun of Bernard Tapie, a coach who calls all his players Toshiba. In “My Champion”, coach Bernar Tapo has no idea about his players’ names. He first calls Oliver as Toshiba (in the French translation), and later only refers to him as towel boy.

#4: The Waterboy
In Adam Sandler’s “The Waterboy”, there’s a reference to a towel boy who didn’t fare the same fate as the Waterboy, and ran into a “laundry list of problems”. In My Champion, Oliver is the towel boy who only carries towels for the other player. The unfortunate situation forces him to play on the field, alone vs 11 players! Coincidently, Vicky, the female cat in My Champion, is also the character name of the Waterboy’s love interest.

#5: Famous soccer players
I named most gorillas after soccer players I knew, and other ones I discover by googling famous soccer players. Here’s a sneak peak: David Beckon, Michel Panini, Diego Maradonut, …


Rip, my Mac 12/31/2013

Thank you Mac, you have served me well. With your last breath, you helped me complete my last game of the year. You have always worked tirelessly, even when I had you open Flash Pro, Flash builder, audition, iMovie, outlook and a screen recorder simultaneously. Sadly, I won’t get to tweet my new year celebrations with you. Until I find another one to replace you, I will learn to be less dependent on my Mac. I am having a hard time using the iPad’s touchscreen, but I will adapt. Farewell my Mac, and thank you Dropbox for keeping my Mac’s most precious memories.

Another Ludum Dare game complete!


My Champion is my second Ludum Dare entry. This time I did the jam so that I could spend more time on graphics. This was a success, I do enjoy the game quite a lot, and so far some positive reviews. I worked further on the post-jam version to improve the experience, as well as adding a second player and full translation in French and Korean.

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