Another Ludum Dare game complete!


My Champion is my second Ludum Dare entry. This time I did the jam so that I could spend more time on graphics. This was a success, I do enjoy the game quite a lot, and so far some positive reviews. I worked further on the post-jam version to improve the experience, as well as adding a second player and full translation in French and Korean.

Unlike my previous Ludum Dare entry (The World is in your hand), I didn’t put any emphasize on mood. Still, the game does have a solid story and somewhat of a message. Even though the odds are grossly against you (the game is really difficult to reflect that), you do have a chance to win and beat the team of 11 players.

For a while, I’ve been thinking about making a soccer game. I used to play a game called Italy cup in the 90’s, but since then I haven’t been playing much, except some soccer mario game on Wii. One flaw of the soccer games is that constant switching between players. I always found it annoying, but I also thought that it takes away from the experience. It does makes sense though, since you want to control someone closest to the ball. Otherwise you’d be waiting at one spot for a while until the ball comes close to you. This time, because of the theme (You only get one), I actually solved that issue. You control the only player in the team. This means you have to run back and forth throughout the field, but since it’s the premise of the game, I can get away with that.

I was pretty satisfied with the idea. My original idea was to make an action game where you get a gun and only one bullet, but turns out a few people also had that same idea during LD28. I thought it would be funny to have the player waste their only bullet during a tutorial, only to realize they can no longer shoot their gun. During the game, you would be able to point the gun at people, and optionally use your only bullet. I gave up on the idea mainly because I foresaw too much AI scripts to write and I didn’t feel like making a violent game. Anyway, instead I went with the idea of only one player in a team, and got to make a cartoony soccer game filled with inside jokes!


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