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Coup de Coeur: Le Live de Mister Cool

Coup de Coeur, for those who don’t know what it means, translates to a “hit with the heart”. It just means something I like and I feel is worth mentioning. I thought I’d just talk about it, since I have a wordpress void to fill in.

Once every weekend, when I get the chance, I watch a radio show hosted on a website of a French game reviewer (Hooper, which I also like and might do another Coup de Coeur some other times). The show is all in French, and it is a live stream with Mister and Madame Cool (they’re married), who talk about video games. Usually, Mister Cool does most of the talking, and Madame Cool kinda chills on the side, monitoring the chat messages. Both are very cute together. During the show, around 7-8 people will join the live stream and give their comments and bring news about the video game industry. All the people on the show are big video game fans, they own or try to own the latest game console but also play PC games. The only type of games they don’t really care for are Flash games (unfortunately for me). Still, listening to them gives me good insight about what gamers like and how gamers think.

There’s usually a section by a user named psicomantis who presents weird games (usually from Japan). There’s a section about high-tech gadgets (they talk about the latest phones,  latest smart watch, various hardware who might or might not be related to games). And at the end, they have a section “geekettes” where they vote on chicks in cosplay (that’s not very PC but we’ll give it a pass…).

I do have a few shows I enjoy watching regularly on YouTube. What I like about this show is that it feels cozy and authentic. A lot of shows I enjoy like Nostalgia Critic or AVGN are great, but they’re there to put on a show and get into a character (I hope AVGN is not like that in real life!). I know that’s obvious, this is a completely different type of entertainment. Still, for me, scripted scenes are hit and miss, especially when a show tries to be funny. In Le Live de Mister Cool, I can enjoy nice honest discussions and joking around video games. I don’t feel someone is trying to put out a performance or something. Mister Cool is a fun host, and he can be a big asshole sometimes (I mean that in a good way). The show is on and appears around 9pm every Saturday, which is around 2pm where I live.

Anyway, a fun show to watch. It’s all in French so if you don’t speak French you won’t be interested. For me, I grew up in France and I’m now in SF, so it helps me keep in touch with some part of French culture, on a subject that’s current for me which is video games.