Let’s create a new programming language

Over the years, there have been many programming languages, like Assembly, Basic, C++, Lisp, Java, JavaScript…

Some companies have started to create new languages, like Go by Google, or Swift by Apple.

Those popular languages seem to give out the same similar traits, like trying to be Object-Oriented, dealing more or less with memory, being sequential… The one in this list that might stand out is Lisp, because it’s not really sequential.

There have also been some weird programming languages.

It seems nowadays, anyone can make a programming language, and for any reason. After all, all you do is create a new way to talk to this little guy right here:

Aside from those weird languages, a programming language has a particular purpose that is usually to make things easier, more efficient, or more elegant…

I think it’s time to add my take on it. I will create a new programing language. I’m not definite on the name yet, but one that comes to mind is NAPL (Not Another Programming Language).

It will definitely be different that most languages (so it might end up as a list of weird programming languages).

Stay tune for more!…


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