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Krapi Games, Krapi Comics, and Krapi Studio

I just started a new studio called Krapi Studio with Pokemon7777.

Some might be wondering why I waste time making such Krapi games. Well, the thing is, even if it was considered time wasted, it’s not that much time, since it doesn’t take me really long to make Krapi games. Also, by making games under Krapi studio, I’m relieved from the stress of making something good. Along the way, I don’t feel like my time is completely lost, since I learn new tricks, I train myself at making games faster, and I add another piece of Krap into our game collection. To say quite frankly though, we don’t make Krapi games on purpose at Krapi Studio. We really do our best, but we don’t stress about failing to make something good. That’s from my point of view, I don’t know about Pokemon7777.

Anyway, here is Krapi Studio first game (not counting OMGAF Dragon which is Krapier but was produced before):

Image Weedman

Also a comic to show we really don’t take our Krapi games seriously: