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Ce sont tes yeux noirs

There exists those bands, those songs, that hit you right in the heart.

Those songs, you can hear repeatedly over and over, yet it’s never enough.

Before those songs, you did not really understand words like fans, idols.

Before that, you did not believe that music could bring out a tear in the corner in your eye.

There’s this song you find so beautiful, that you can’t even conceive another person listening to this song without loving it

However irrational that sounds.

After all, words in this song don’t make much sense, even for a French.

Translated, it might go like this: “Where do you go, when you go in the street towards nowhere…”

Who on Earth would fall for something like that?

Me. I fell for it

And I can’t conceive someone not falling for it.

I already know, I’ll never be a fan of any band other than Indochine

And I’ll never love any song more than Tes Yeux Noirs.

Indochine - Tes Yeux Noirs (Acoustic)

Indochine – Tes Yeux Noirs (Acoustic)

Julie - Tes Yeux Noirs
Julie – Tes Yeux Noirs

I have decided to write a blog. Reading the blog, you might know Jack Le Hamster a little better, even though you might never know who he really is. This first post is about my favorite song Tes Yeux Noirs, from my favorite band of all time, Indochine. It sets the tone for my blog: yeah, it’s all about me and what I like. Why putting this paragraph at the end? Well, it’s just blah blah blah. I couldn’t possibly begin my first post like that, right? So as you can tell, I’m a big fan of Indochine.

When I first heard the band, I was torn between finding it absolutely amazing, and borderline unbearable to listen to. Really, I think at that age, it was shameful to tell my peers I loved Indochine because it was considered by a lot of people to be so bad. Out of curiosity, I kept digging further into their albums. When I first heard Tes Yeux Noirs, time just stopped. Suddenly, I didn’t want to get out of my bedroom. I just wanted to sit there and listen to more Indochine songs. That’s how it all started.