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Back to blogging, less about controversial stuff and more about games!

Alright, I’m back to do some blogging. I don’t really have time to be a regular blogger though, and by that I mean that I can blog, but it’s hard for me to constantly come back every day or week. I’ve always been like this, a bit inconsistent. I like to do all my blogging at once, and there’s a lot of game related blogging that needs to be done. When was the last time I blogged about a game… let me check….

Geez… I haven’t blogged since Slimilization! I’m so far behind! It’s like that #the100daysproject that I’m doing (under a different name). I’m supposed to make 1 drawing a day for 100 days. I’m behind on that one too, so I’ve been doing very crappy drawings (By that I meant that it went from crappy to very crappy).

Ok, I’ll be writing one blog about some articles I published, then about some games… then why am I wasting time writing about what I’m going to write about? Let’s get writing already!