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Saint Seiya Fan Game

ImageFor a while, I’ve been wanting to produce a game about Saint Seiya. I’m a big fan since I was young, and recently I’ve been watching the old episodes again. I thought eventually, when I get some free time in the future, I’d start working on it. Here’s the thing about “eventually”, “when I get free time”, or “in the future”. It never comes.¬†Somehow, when God sees you slacking, he finds a way to give you a push. So Today, I just found out about another one of those game competitions:¬†Zodiac Attack 2013

The idea is to create a game about the Zodiac sign. Well, that sounds like the perfect opportunity and incentive to start producing my Saint Seiya fan game! Unfortunately, the competition started in April, and it expired… this monday at 9am. Basically, there was about half a day left to submit a game… that means… I STILL had half a day to create my Saint Seiya game and submit it! ;-D

So that’s what I did. I rushed the production with doodle graphics, crappy UI and spaghetti programming, and delivered the first level of Knights of the Zodiac (the english translation of the french title “Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque”, which is Saint Seiya). The only thing not produced today was the music, which I composed in high school. Not sure if that abides to the rules of the compos, but it’s ok, I don’t expect to win anything. I’m just glad I finally started this project before “eventually getting some free time”.

Link to the game.